General Guidelines

  • The applicant is a like minded person who enjoys golf, is sociable and charity minded.
  • He is normally nominated by a member and has a handicap of 22 or below.
  • He needs to have played at least once with our society. The reason behind this is that we want him to spend the day and get to know us, what we are and be sure that is what he wants. Secondly, we want to ascertain his playing ability/handicap and knowledge of basic golf rules and etiquette. If he hasn’t played with us on the society day then again discuss the rules and invite him to the first available golf event. Pair him with yourself or committee member who is briefed about this.
  • If he fits in well within the society and wants to proceed, the secretary will provide an application form (which can be downloaded from the website as well) which needs to be completed and posted to the address below.
  • The Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Coordinator, candidate and nominee must be kept abreast of the progress.
  • Display a professional attitude in dealings with the applicant as this would reflect on the society.

Procedure Once New Member Has Been Accepted

The annual minimum recommended Donation is £100 and it should preferably be paid by a standing order. A Standing order mandate form must be given to new member members with a request that this be completed and SENT DIRECTLY to his bank with a COPY sent to:

Kaushik Lakhani
3 Galley House
Moon Lane

Soon after the acceptance the new member will receive a login to our website which has a host of relevant information including golf day bookings. If you need to clarify any points or need any further details please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Secretary.